Hello Guest, today is 07/20/24.

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Adoption picture.jpg

Aeros Game.jpg

Ancient city.jpg

Andy sleeping on the bus.jpg

Touring Senshi.jpg

Andys world record float balancing thing.jpg

Trouble with the immunizations.jpg

Cheers to the new American citizen.jpg

tour bus.jpg

Chinese life on Shamian Island.jpg

The streets of Guangzhou.jpg

Christina leading the way around the Summer Palace.jpg

engrish litter up.jpg

Copy of Holiday Inn Breakfast.jpg

Wallens with the foster parents.jpg

Crammed in the elevator in Victory Hotel Guangzhou.jpg

Dinner at Cow Bridge Thai restaurant on Samian Island.jpg

Dinner with the foster family 2.jpg

Dinner with the grandparents.jpg

Dragon on the river in Taiyuan.jpg

Engrish 2.JPG


Flying to Guangzho.jpg

Great Wall John and Molli.jpg

Great Wall family.jpg

Holiday Inn Breakfast.jpg

Holiday Inn pool in Beijing.jpg


John at his physical.jpg

John serving everyone.jpg

John signing the papers.jpg

John took this picture of us.jpg

John warming up to the idea.jpg

Johns extended family.jpg

Johns orphanage.jpg

Juli in the shoe store.jpg

Kids in old city.jpg

The Wallens in the process of adoption.jpg

Lunch in the Taiyuan airport waiting for the flight to Guangzho.jpg

MC and John.jpg

Market street in Senshi.jpg

Molli and friend.jpg

Summer palace and kids.jpg

The Victory Hotel in Guangzhou.jpg

Tired kids at the Summer Palace.jpg

Wallens and Hannah in Taiyuan hotel.jpg

Wallens at Tranquility gardens.jpg

Wallens in ancient city.JPG

engrish 3.jpg

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There are -3233 days and -9 hours until the Shemitah ends.