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Thank you for your interest in JPWallen.com. We are attempting to provide a service that helps families stay connected, yet have information specific to their lives too.

We have just started the process of reaching out to interested families and will grow as you and others like you make suggestions and comments. One item that is currently under construction includes a personalized calendar that you can edit. The contents of that calendar become the headlines and news items for the day, making your page different every day, and allowing everyone in the family to remember dates. It's sort of like the family calendar that became a popular christmas present several years ago when computers and printers gave us the ability to make custom calanders. We hope to get to the point where registration creates your own calendar and you can do all your own creative design, but currently you need to contact us if you want your own calendar integration. Also, if you are interested in an email service drop us a line. We can provide email address that never change. It won't matter what Internet Service Provider you have, you'll be able to use our web interface email or pop3 Outlook if you want.

Thanks again for your interest.
John Wallen

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