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God's desire is that He be glorified. If He improperly reflected any of His glory onto something or someone or anything else he would be an idolitor. In the light of his act of redemption this doesn't mean he is 'full of himself' but that when we have the spirit of God living in us our reaction is to Glorify Him because that is what he does.

(See question on 4/23)

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In 2008 the movie Expelled came out. It dealt with the lack of freedom in the sciences. The point is that, when freedom is hard to find the result is a dark and gloomy period. (Be it political, financial, spiritual, etc.) Since currently atheists rule the science disciplines of academia with the iron fist of evolution and mitigate freedom to think otherwise we are left in a dark and dank place. Therefore it's important to unshackle the bonds of evolution and allow freedom back into the classroom.

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