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My Thoughts

mlimber writes
'The New York Times Magazine has a lengthy article on dark matter and dark energy, discussing the past, present, and future. 'Astronomers now realize that dark matter probably involves matter that is nonbaryonic ['meaning that it doesn't consist of the protons and neutrons of 'normal' matter']. And whatever it is that dark energy involves, we know it's not 'normal,' either. In that case, maybe this next round of evidence will have to be not only beyond anything we know but also beyond anything we know how to know.''

Science can never remove the evidence of God. It may try to explain away certain historical human activity that was based on ignorance but the more knowledge humans attain the more evidence of a fine tuning Creator is demanded.

On the quote above, we can only know because we have been given the capacity to know, not because we have instinct or have built ourselves from nothing. A building never builds itself.

With prayers for my children,