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My Thoughts

When we think of rules we shouldn't think negatively about such limits, but we should think positively about the forethought that gave rise to the rule.

Example: Think of the millions of miles of roads in the USA with 253 millions cars moving about every minute. Do you think it would be safe and beneficial if we decided rules were a stupid thing. What if we wanted to be rebels and go against the grain and be radical on the road. THAT wouldn't work. Such a move would obviously cause a big problem maybe even death. Traffic police help keep the order and insure the roadways are safe. Rules provide organization, safety and efficiency on the roads.

In a similar manor, God has provided rules for life, called the 10 commandments. Don't think of them negativity but think of them positively. God has provided the forethought into human life on this Earth and gave them to us that we might be able to enjoy life individually and in community.

Think about that.