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My Thoughts

Our experience of God is like a sleeper on a soft bed. By that I mean while we sleep, we don't recognize the comfort we have but we sleep because if it. In life when God is abandoned it becomes like sleeping on the cement floor, we can't sleep, or we sleep in short segments of time and wake exhausted.

When people ask, Where is God? Why can't I see Him or hear Him? They don't realize that He is that unrecognized force that keeps the universe from falling apart. He sustains all that we need for life. Once God removes Himself from our experience it will be a cold hard realization.

Similarly I just read God's Crime Scene by J. Wallace and he has this to say:
The precision required in calibrating the mass density of the universe (fine-tuned to within 1 unit in 10 to the 59th).
Imagine comparing the universe to an aircraft carrier like the USS John C. Stennis (measuring 1,092 feet long with a displacement of 100,000 tons). If this carrier were as fine-tuned as the mass density of our universe, subtracting a billionth of a trillionth of mass of an electron from the total mass of the aircraft carrier, it would sink.

That means the number of stars we know to exist today doesn't even touch the necessary number of possibilities that life would 'naturally' exist on any planet.

Think about that.