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My Thoughts

I had a discussion with someone recently that expressed confusion over some of the recorded history in the Old Testament of the Bible. He said it just didn't make sense that a loving God would order the annihilation of an entire people group.

I responded by saying that I am actually more astounded that God would have mercy and grace on any one people group.

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We know this no matter what worldview you hold. It is the foundation for the saying, 'Nobody's perfect'. It's that missing the mark in our lives that is the sin that binds us in shackles. What is the penalty for missing the mark? Well for a Holy, Righteous Perfect God it is death. He gave life to you and he has the power and the authority to take it from you. How is he going to take if from you? Well for some it will be in war and violent acts, for some it will be the pain of illness and others it will be the exhaustion of the physical body. We are all going to die, without a set of rules that exists above all cultures there can be no universal good or bad, therefore without God it's impossible to call good, good, much less to judge actions of people across cultures.

It is a greater mystery that God is willing to spare a people Group. But it makes sense that He would spare those who love Him and believe the One he sent, Jesus Christ, as the penealty paid in full. An infinite being died that all might live, all who confess that Jesus Christ is lord and believe in their heart that God raised Him from the Dead, to show exactly who He is. He is the creator of life and even death. And as creator the created could not hold him down and therefore after he dealt with Sin he rose again to return to His rightful place as the intercessor and advocate of all who believe.

Do you believe?