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On this day in 2015, the 3rd of 4 blood moons is visible in north America. Is this a sign that was written about in God's word (Bible) or just a coincidence that coincides with the year of the Shameta on the Jewish calendar ending with the Jubilee. (The 4th blood moon comes at the end of the year of the Shameta. Historically this has been a fateful time for the USA since they have legalized abortion and embraced sin as defined in Scripture.) Will God act this year? Maybe, I know we need to all investigate our hearts and know for certain if we are ready to meet God soon.

If you stand on your own power you will be destroyed when you face God. Like a coke can being crushed, you will no longer have the capacity to achieve what you were created to do. If you stand on the works of Jesus when you are before God, he sees you as his son/daughter and are welcomed into the satisfaction of obtaining that for which we are created.

Think about it,