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My Thoughts


For so many years I have bowed my knee to an idol that my sinful reaction, even today, causes me to bow to that idol as it passes by. Just like a bystander at the side of a parade with a compulsion to see what's passing and then responding to it, I have compulsions to stretch myself to see the spectacle and genuflect to the idol in emotional responses. I pray, Lord, you would give me a new perspective on this idol and break the reflexes of my flesh that I might overcome what I've become.

Do not let your habits or past responses set you up for failure today. Become resolute, unlike the world, and bow your knee only to the one true God, Yahweh.

God give my children strength to stand against the cultural norms that are not in accord with your will and law. I know they are forgiven in grace and mercy and stand daily in that same mercy, but those who love you obey your commands. Give them power to show that love today.