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My Thoughts

Even in the dark, gloomy crevasse of time in our walk on this earth, choose to Praise the Name of the Lord. For love is a choice, not a feeling.

Have you ever thought about communication? We use a convention of individual words that are supposed to hold an absolute definition but the definition of many phrases of those words can express something other than who it is defined. Examples include: ‘Cool’, ‘blows my mind’ etc. There are so many of these phrases that are culturally dependent that meanings are lost when they are used in conversations where the participants are from different cultures (including different states), different backgrounds, etc. Most of the meanings can be understood from a process of understanding the culture from which the speaker comes yet it takes some assumption on the listeners behalf. This is why legal papers are so redundant and boring. They have to outline things very carefully in every aspect of the phrases being used. Can you imaging talking in a ‘legal’ way in communication with your friends or your spouse. It would certainly keep things clear and accurate but it would end up being a relationship no one would want. (Have you ever used the phrase, ‘get to the point already’ in a conversation?)

How did God communicate with mankind? Did He leave ambiguity in his message? Does He still speak or do we have only rumors of His communication?