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My Thoughts

The Joy of the Lord is like rich deep black soil. From it grows many beautiful flowers and fruitful trees. Living things that can put down deep roots and weather the storms. It is the needed source of a rich, satisfying life. As a matter of example the storms of life cannot remove the Joy of the Lord, maybe they can erode the depth at times but God is good at replenishing or restoring what might be lost.

Money can look like joy because it too can be a soil from which many good things grow, but it is not eternal. I would say the soil of money is above ground, vulnerable to the floods and storms of life. In one event it can all be swept away. And what good is money when you are on your death bed?

Other highs or happy experiences in our human experience are shallow soils that cannot sustain beauty for very long, but quickly end up having scorched plants in the heat of the sun.

Yes, in one devastating storm you may have lost many beautiful plants in your life, but the Joy of the Lord is still rich and deep and many good things can grow again.