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Arch Angles:
the mighty warrior Michael Daniel 10; Revelation 12
the mighty announcer Gabriel Daniel 8; Luke 1
Not called an ArchAngel in scripture, but traditionally known as one. Only Michael is called The ArchAngle in scripture.

the 'wheels' of God's mobile throne Ezekiel 1

fantastical looking flying creatures that surround God's stationary throne. Isaiah 6

Heavenly Hosts:
a multitude of singers that announced the birth of Jesus Luke 2

Many other angles are referenced as fighters like in Daniel 10, the angel who had Michael's help in fighting the prince of Persia.
The chariot of fire with horses of fire in 2 Kings 2 Yes, there are angle horses..
The army in Elijah's vision in 2 Kings 6 Yes, more horses..
And references to the angels in heaven in Revelation.